Mount Carmel Fiasco: Things Rahul Gandhi Must Learn From Narendra Modi

Whenever ‘the reluctant politician’ Rahul Gandhi opens his mouth, we hope to catch a glimpse of his late great grandfather and India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who was perhaps the greatest orator of his times. But every time Rahul disappoints us. And the disappointment has reached to such heights that now his every word has become a joke. The latest being his fiasco at Mount Carmel College in Bangalore where in a voice poll, the students stumped him by their denials despite his assertions. Please Rahul, I would suggest you to take some lessons from the pages of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is undoubtedly India’s, and perhaps the world’s, most powerful public speaker.
1. Know Your Target Audience: Just for an inspiration, you could have watched Narendra Modi’s last year’s address to students on the eve of Teacher’s Day. He didn’t use the forum to talk about politics or GST, instead he talked about things that matter to students the most and was able to strike a chord with them. Just changing from kurta to T-shirt just isn’t enough. The modus operandi to interact must change too.
2. Alter Answer According To Question: I remember when in college, our teachers used to tell us how we should alter the answer according to the question. The first sentence itself should contain the reply to the question. However, you respond without perhaps even listening to the query.
3. Do Your Homework Beforehand: If you intend to do a voice poll, please do your homework well. Opinion polls can easily be done to know the pulse of your audience. At least, it would have saved you the embarrassment.
4. Put the Limelight On Yourself: Let the light shine on YOU through your speech, not on Narendra Modi or BJP. Tell us what YOU have to offer, YOUR experiences, and YOUR vision for India. Just criticizing Modi portrays you as a nag, not a leader.
5. Know India: Most importantly, know our nation. Narendra Modi is a shrewd politician, who keeps a tab of what is happening in India, while you fumbled for answers when asked about Irom Sharmila or Bihar polls. Even a 10th grade student in India is likely to know about Irom. Gliding over the question reveals the lack of depth of your knowledge about Indian politics or even India.
6. Convince Your Audience: Provide the audience real facts, and not just generalized statements. If you believe that ‘Swachh Bharat’ and ‘Make In India’ have failed, give us facts and figures to prove that.


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