Yes, I Support RSS Demand For New Population Policy, But For A Different Reason

The RSS has kickstarted a controversy by passing a resolution asking the government to ‘reformulate’ the population policy to check ‘demographic imbalance’ due to higher growth of Muslim and Christian population. I fully agree to the RSS demand for a population policy — a two-child norm in precise, irrespective of religion.

Although it might seem too harsh and draconian, please let me explain what has prompted me to endorse such an ‘inhumane’ policy. Near the flat where I live, we have a family of six members – man, wife and their four kids. The eldest child must be 6-7 years old. Both parents are daily wage labourers and they don’t send any of the kids to school.

While the parents work at construction sites, the kids play around in the filth, uncared for. I wonder what would their future be like? In the absence of any proper guidance, a majority of such kids easily fall prey to bad habits like smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking and petty crimes at a very young age. And I worry the most that this won’t be the last of their line-up as both parents are quite young.

A study of this single family is enough to know the need for a stringent two-child policy in India. Moreover, it must be made mandatory for the parents to send their children to school till 12th, at least. According to a report from the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, India will outrun China by 2022. “India’s population is projected to continue growing for several decades to 1.5 billion in 2030 and 1.7 billion in 2050, while the population of China is expected to remain fairly constant until the 2030s, after which it is expected to slightly decrease,” the report reads.

In another UN report, it says that the average number of births a woman in India delivers is three. What does this imply for India as a nation? Greater stress on the resources of India’s area of 3.288 million sq km!

We are already facing dire crisis of potable water, electricity and slums. And this crisis is bound to increase with the increasing population. This, coupled with illiteracy and a wide economic divide, can even lead to strife, snatching of power and eventually anarchy.

I believe that with a two-child norm and strict guidelines for parents to rear their children as responsible citizens, we can take a few steps forward towards being a progressive nation.


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