Era Of Heated Political Debates, Discussions Is Back

One good thing that has happened ever since the Narendra Modi government took charge of the country is that debates and discussions on political matters have revived. The ‘chai pe charcha’ has become heated debates at office canteens, college student groups and, of course, the social media. Beef or no beef, tolerance or acceptance, uniform civil code or religious authority – every topic is being discussed extensively.

Thanks to the media, people are getting more aware of what really matters to them – their beliefs, dietary habits, and even hygiene. In the previous government’s rule, we were bombarded by one scam or the other almost every day, leaving us distraught about the poor state of affairs and with distrust in authority.

But now, most of the pluralist discussions are centred on what really matters to us. Today, I read a Facebook post in which the writer, a Hindu woman settled in Britain, wonders aloud whether Hindus are all of a sudden being misrepresented as ‘intolerant’ and ’biased’, whereas the community has embraced other religious communities like Christianity like its own sister. She wonders that while all Indian parents, irrespective of religion, would prefer to send their kids to a convent, would it have been the same if Hindus open a school in a Christian majority-population and teach according to the Vedas.

Such discussions, which make us think out of the box and then take a conscious decision, are very necessary for a progressive society and will decide the future course of the world’s largest democracy India.


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