Today was a bad day for me. In the morning while walking down to the bus stop, I saw two dead rats. With their innards spilling out. Perhaps some vehicle must have run over them. Yuckk. I must get used to these things, I thought. Ever since I have come to Bangalore, such sights welcome me almost every morning. But I am not ready yet.

Bangalore – when my marriage was fixed almost nine months ago, everyone used to say that I am so lucky that I will be living in a metro city for the rest of my life. Even I had great expectations from the city. After spending years in small towns, I was eager to experience Bangalore. But as it happens, great expectations lead to great disappointments.

My office is at Indira Nagar. It takes nearly two hours to reach there. Precious hours spent in commuting, that reduces our lives to just home-office-home routine. Is there time left for anything else – to pursue a hobby, to relax, to enjoy life?

Indira Nagar is one of the most expensive localities of the city, with some good restaurants, branded showrooms and beautiful bungalows. But is there anything perfect in this world? Right in front of my office, the municipal authorities had dug up the pavement – perhaps for some maintenance work. It remained uncovered for almost two days. Later they covered it by mounting piles of sand. The pile remains just as it they left it a week ago. Some dog has even shitted on it. Who cares? A few tiles on the pavement are broken. Again who cares? Perhaps the media will, if some tragedy happens. Till then, everything’s perfect in this world.

On my way back home, while waiting for the bus, I saw two cows munching garbage dumped by the vegetable sellers on the roadside. Again not an unusual sight in Bangalore. Here man, cows and vehicles co-exist in harmony. The municipal authorities must be grateful to these cows that munch away most of the garbage, thereby reducing its task, and then give us manure in the form of dung on roadsides itself. They can even open a biogas plant using the dung being dumped by the cows roaming in Bangalore streets. What an idea, sirji!

One of the cows didn’t have a tail. Instead there was a stump where the tail should have been. What had happened, the mute animal can never tell. Perhaps some brute might have cut it off or it could have been slashed away by some racing vehicle.

Finally, I reached my stop. On just taking a few steps, a strong stench hit my nose. Towards my right, was lying a half-charred carcass of a dog. It’s as gory as it gets in Bangalore. And when I looked up with a shudder, I saw a huge JCB constructing a skyscraper at a distance. Bangalore city is expanding touching the skies, but the ground realities seem grim like the decaying carcass.


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